Roland Octa-Capture Audio Interface

I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently looking for a multiple i/o digital interface with good pre-amps for my home studio. I’d been mostly focused on Tascam, PreSonus, and Focusrite as options, but recently I’ve been putting some thought into the Roland Octa-Capture as a viable option. A lot of the reasons why are summarized in this Tape-Op review re-posted on Roland’s blog:

The Octa-Capture packs an amazing eight mic preamps, all with XLR/TRS Combo jacks and phantom-power capability. It also has eight TRS outputs, stereo S/PDIF digital I/O, and MIDI I/O. It can handle up to 10 channels of I/O simultaneously. (Setting the sampling rate to 192 kHz limits the simultaneous channel count to four in and four out.) For this amount of connectivity, one of the most striking features is the low knob count. Coupled with the large and very useful backlit LCD display, each of the minimal controls therefore ends up doing a lot. Usually simplification through multi-function tends to actually complicate things, but I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive and clear it was to access to all the functions.


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